Helping couples plan their perfect destination wedding is so much fun for us.  We were fortunate in 2012 to have helped many beautiful couples say “I do” in spectacular settings.  It is so gratifying for us when it all comes together, and we see all the amazing photos when they return.  Here are just a few of this year’s bride and grooms:


We also work hard for each of the wedding guests to be sure they have a fabulous vacation as well.  We handle all of the details, so the bride and groom can focus on becoming Mr. & Mrs.   Here is part of a letter we just received from a wedding guest.  She and her husband just got back from Dreams Riviera Maya with a wedding group.   This certainly makes all of our hard work worthwhile, and we thank Pat for all of her kind words.

From Mrs. Pat Barger…

This is a true story!  My husband is 63 and has never flown.  We were invited to a destination wedding in Cancun.

We had to get passports and learn so many things we didn’t know.  The last time we traveled out of the country we only needed our birth certificates. Since 9 – 11 there have been many changes. I tell you this, because the poor lady who had to answer a million and one emails from me…something new it seemed like every day, was our travel advisor.  Her name is Marcie Boyle with RSVP events, and she was handling the trip for the Bride and Groom.

Everything was perfect!  She worked with the tour operator and they took care of us each step of the way.  They were there to  meet us when we reached Cancun and delivered us safely to our beautiful hotel….Dreams Rivera Maya.

One of the younger couples (my husband and I have been together for almost 40 years)  who recently had her own “destination wedding” was so upset.  This one was so perfect compared to hers.  I told anyone who would listen…this trip went off perfectly!  Not even a blip…perfect!!

We are now planning a cruise and of course,  “My Marcie,” is in charge.  I’ve all ready asked her a zillion questions…and she’s right there to answer them.   I will never ever take any kind of a trip without her.   If you are planning a vacation…don’t try to do it on your own.  Call a professional!  They know things you can’t possibly know.

PS…the flight was fast and easy…and my husband said…he’d do it again!

Pat is more than just a client now.  She’s a friend, and we are happy to help her and all of our clients every step of the way.  If you are recently engaged and looking for someone to take the stress off of your destination wedding, please give us a call.