TravelLeadersofTomorrowIf you’ve ever wondered what it’s really like to work as a travel agent, you’re not alone.  This 8th grader from Most Holy Trinity Catholic School decided to find out first hand.  Through extensive traveling with his sports team, 14 year old, Rashad McDaniels has been bitten by the travel bug.  So much so, he chose to interview a certified travel agent to learn more about a career as a travel professional.

Rashad’s Graduate Support Director, Nicholas McDowell, brought Rashad to Travel Leaders  so Rashad could speak with Melissa Gladney, certified travel specialist and office manager for the Travel Leaders Chesterfield office.

Melissa and Rashad spoke about the training necessary to become a successful travel professional, as well as the perks that go along with the job like visiting the world’s most amazing destinations.  With his curiosity and determination, we are certain Rashad McDaniels is going to be a hugely successful Travel Leader of Tomorrow.

For more information about how to become a travel professional, please visit Travel Leaders of Tomorrow, and be sure to check out tuition reimbursement opportunities.