Travel Agents In St. Louis MO book great holiday travel

Some of the best presents don’t fit under a tree!

It’s wonderful to spend the holidays with people you love, and spending time with family is the top reason to travel during the fall and early winter holidays, according to a new survey by Travel Leaders, travel agents in St. Louis. But, that doesn’t always mean gathering at home: more travelers want to spend their family time during the holidays exploring an international destination together.

As part of its largest Fall Travel Trends Survey ever, Travel Leaders asked nearly 1,000 of its agency owners, managers and agents to share what their clients are saying about their reasons for holiday season travel. The top five, in order, are:

  • Traveling with family to an international destination
  • Taking an international vacation to a beach destination
  • Traveling home to see family
  • Traveling with family to a domestic destination
  • Taking a U.S. vacation to a beach destination

The same survey asked Travel Leaders’ professionals which international destination is most popular among their clients. The top choice is the Caribbean by way of a cruise, a great choice for a family vacation. Today’s cruise ships have accommodations, dining, entertainment and activities to please everyone, from the youngest to the most senior family members. Imagine reestablishing your family bonds while sailing in carefree comfort among lovely islands.iStock_000020959737_ExtraSmall

Families who prefer an international beach destination and want St. Louis travel deals most often choose the resort town of Cancun on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. In addition to relaxing on the beach, families can try out some water sports, visit the Xel-Ha aquatic theme park, ride a zipline or an all-terrain vehicle, or take a day trip to historic Mayan ruins.

Favorite domestic destinations include the perennial favorites of Las Vegas and Orlando, two of the entertainment capitals of the U.S. For a domestic beach vacation, top choices include Maui, Honolulu, and Fort Lauderdale.St Louis Travel Deals for the Holidays

Travel Leaders’ agents also report that vacation travel bookings are robust: 80% say booking are equal to or higher than last year at this time. That’s an indicator that more vacation travelers understand the value of working with an agent, too. “Traveling during the holidays can be unpredictable, and by working with a travel agent, travelers can have their very own built-in safety net, allowing them to fully relax and enjoy the season,” said Travel Leaders Group CEO Barry Liben. “We excel at saving our clients time and finding them the best value – many times with added amenities our clients couldn’t get on their own.”

We at Travel Leaders – St. Louis would love to help you and your family travel this holiday season.  Give them what they really want.  The gift of travel.