We can hear them now.  The pitter pat of men’s feet scurrying to the mall to buy their special someones the Christmas presents they somehow forgot to think about a week, two weeks, three weeks ago.  Men are, shall we say, ‘freaking out’, knowing their special lady is expecting to find something super-special under the tree on Christmas morning.

Well, your St. Louis travel agents here at Travel Leaders have you covered.  Pin, print, post and tag your hubby or boyfriend with this handy Grown Up Christmas List, drop our phone number on him, and we’ll help him wrap up his holiday shopping with the most amazing St. Louis travel deals. He’ll get the hint.  We’re here until the last minute.  We’ll make it easy, quick and we’ll even wrap his special gift to you in a fancy gift bag. Just keep reminding him…”honey, the best gifts don’t fit under a tree.”

Travel Leaders Grown Up Christmas ListMerry Christmas from Travel Leaders – St. Louis.