insurance_policyRecent headlines about Iceland’s most active volcano and the hurricane in Los Cabos serve as stark reminders to many travelers that in the blink of an eye, unforeseen circumstances can suddenly disrupt travel plans, no matter how well you may have prepared.

That is, unless during your travel planning, you had the foresight to protect your trip with travel insurance. The only true way to ensure that each trip goes off with a minimum of glitches is to purchase third-party travel insurance (versus policies sold directly by the airline, cruise line or tour operator that is supplying your travel experience). Travel insurance guards against all the unknowns, both at the most personal levels and at times when emergencies occur well beyond your control.

travel-map1Given that we live in a non-refundable age, you have to ask yourself, “Am I willing to lose all the money I’ve invested in my family’s vacation if this trip is cut short or canceled?” If you’re traveling abroad, you should also be aware that most health insurance policies in the United States will not offer coverage outside the country; this should prompt you to ask yourself, “Can I be 100% sure that absolutely nothing will happen where we’d need medical care?” If you answered, “No,” to either question, you should guard your travel investment with travel insurance. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider travel insurance:

Issues Precluding or Delaying Travel – You never know when the unexpected will occur that can completely derail your plans before you’ve even started your journey. Whether you experience a sudden medical issue or job loss, travel insurance has you covered.

Medical Emergencies – It’s in our nature to think we’re immune to becoming ill, injured or even worse during the course of our travels. But all too many travelers face the unexpected and then are forced to pay significant and unanticipated out-of-pocket costs. Travel insurance not only covers you, but you can also purchase medical evacuation insurance for the extra peace-of-mind when visiting popular places where medical care may be questionable.

 Other Issues While Traveling – What if something happens back home that requires you to cut-short your trip, including the death of a loved one? What happens when you lose a valuable item during your travels? There’s travel insurance that can protect you in both cases.

air travelTravel Supplier Closures – Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that on occasion, some businesses go out of business – and the travel industry is not immune. This only reinforces just how crucial it is to buy third-party insurance as opposed to one that offered directly by the supplier. But it’s also a smart idea to work with a travel agent who can counsel you on strong suppliers.

Overall, travel protection insurance covers many contingencies, depending on the type of trip planned. There are various types of policies from several trusted insurance companies – such as Allianz and Travel Guard – to protect non-refundable trip deposits and payments should your travel be canceled or interrupted for any reason. They also can include affordable family rates and competitive car rental coverage. Most policies also provide primary medical coverage so you can get emergency medical attention immediately, without having to access your own health insurer.


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